When you are here, everything is geared towards the windmill, the white shaped houses and the hues of Aegean pelagos. The wind, the waves and the clouds are a reminder of how we are connected to the Earth. This place includes a relaxation experience with the first-row lounge tables and the second row of symposium tables.


Windmill stection




The arch feels like a place to see the bigger picture that overlooks the Mykonos Chora and the view over the Aegean Sea. View beyond the Chora to the old port, spills on to Cycladic sunset. There is an endemic fusion of symposium tables at the second row and the lounge tables of the first row.


The old wooden bar, styled like a gondola ship, is not just a space with sunset views but also an aperture journey into the 180° world. You can dine and drink sitting on the big stands of this space as you watch the sun drops on the horizon.



Private Terrace

A place to get happily lost in, among all those views of pelagos and Aegean culture with hand embroidered textiles surrounded by the impeccable geometry of Cycladic sunset.

Private Terrace
Private Terrace

Mezzanine terrace

Immerse into the panoramic view of the never-ending expanse of the blue sky and Cycladic islands. From this vantage point with big stands and tables, the sun constantly shifts as the winds carve waves into the Aegean surface.


You can feel comfortable at this series of stairs, which all provide breath taking sunset views, as you gaze upon the beautiful Aegean pelagos.

Private Deck

This place includes three comfortable rows of large cushions with deeper extensions from North Africa, at the brink is the VIP row, then is the first row and at the end is the second. A space so impressive you could almost touch the splendid view beyond from the Cycladic Sunset.

Sound Hearth

Here you can sit around the sound’s hearth on slick couches, where is a synthesis with sounds of musicians and pictures of Cycladic sunset, admiring the dazzling views of Aegean Sea.

Main Terrace

Sitting here, you will dine at the main terrace with communal tables on the second row and the lounge tables of the first row, overlooking Mykonos Chora, the old port and the Aegean pelagos.

Boho Terrace

This space is mostly a common sleekness that provides unparalleled views of Cycladic sunset, where is at the rim the first row and then is the second row. Both rows include comfortable large cushions adorned with North African nods.

Upper Terrace

You know you have arrived when the color packed terrace gives way to sunburnt, wide-open spaces and the stairs. A terrace that provides dazzling views over the entire place with the windmill, the arch, the private terrace, as well as the direct view to Mykonos Chora and old port.


Our latest addition, the Skylight, boasts panoramic views of the sunset and Mykonos town. A unique lounge area combining relaxation and coziness, the ultimate sunset experience.

Lounge Deck

Nestled on the lower level of 180º, the Lounge Deck offers breathtaking vistas of the Aegean Sea and the sunset. This intimate and atmospheric spot is highly recommended for unforgetable summer evenings.