Are you looking for the ultimate Mediterranean food experience while residing in Mykonos? The 180 Sunset Bar brings the most scrumptious food that has been put together by some of the most expert chefs on the Mediterranean coast.

If you wish to delve deeper into the Greek cuisine, then the menu at The 180 Sunset Bar will leave you appalled!

A Glimpse Of The Menu

Our chefs have prepared the best recipes that have a burst of flavor and an even better presentation that leaves your taste buds wanting more! Whether it is the tacos or the burgers, we have a wide variety for you to pick from.

While talking about tacos, you can get a true taste of this extremely delicious Mexican dish while sitting at Mykonos. We have beef and fish tacos, but if you are a vegetarian, we also serve veggie tacos! Our menu is inclusive for everyone.

The 180 Sunset Bar menu also has a fruit salad and two types of Bruschetta. We firmly believe that Mediterranean cuisine is not based on a single region. It is a cuisine that has great value in the culinary world because it is a fiery combination of food eaten in several regions.

Sweet Tooth

To wrap things up, you can always go for a dessert on the menu. When it comes to dessert, you might need to make up your mind because we have three of the best items to pick from.

  1. Lemon tart
  2. Choco-caramel explosion
  3. Mango-coconut mousse


We are open to all kinds of suggestions. Thus, you can personalize any item on the menu as you want. We can assure you that our waiters are professional in their work.

Everything on the 180 Sunset bar menu will give you a guaranteed five-star restaurant experience, so come now and try out the best Greek food in Mykonos now!