The Mesmerizing 180° Sunset Bar

The 180⁰ Sunset Bar is a place where you can get the best of Mykonos. Let it be the gorgeous views, mind-blowing sunsets, or the most exotic drinks; this place is going to leave you with vivid memories that you are going to cherish for the rest of your life. The 180⁰ Sunset Bar has a lot to offer to the tourists who visit Mykonos.

Mykonos 180⁰ Sunset Bar views to be the best on the whole island. 180⁰ Sunset Bar offers such majestic views that it feels like watching a painting made with love by God Almighty. Imagine the wind blowing, touching your face gently while you watch the endless sapphire blue waters and the golden sunset.

Even a glimpse of it is enough for you to fall in love with the place, and 180⁰ Sunset Bar offers a panoramic view of this splendour.

The Sunset Lounge Bar

Who wouldn’t want to sit in a lounge bar and enjoy the enchanting sunset? This is a place that you want to visit daily until it’s time to go back home. As the 180⁰ Sunset Bar is located on top of a hill, you get to experience the sunsets more clearly. This uphill outdoor bar has been designed and decorated elegantly, adding to the beauty of nature. The setup is exceptionally chic and modish. The contemporary look of the bar adds up to your experience of staying in Mykonos.

mykonos sunset bar

Breath-taking Panoramic Views

Panoramic views of Mykonos are one thing which attracts the tourists. These views are no less than a dream. The best part about contemplating these views is the open bar, which 180⁰ Sunset Bar offers. You can sit back comfortably, enjoy your drink with your partner or friends, and gaze at the beautiful views Mykonos has to offer. The grandeur of these stunning views is going to leave a lifelong impression on your mind and soul.

table sunset bar

One of the Best Photo Locations

If you are looking for spots in Mykonos where you can get that perfect display picture for your social media accounts or a picture with your partner, which you can get framed? Then 180⁰ Sunset Bar is the place to be. You will find plenty of locations where you can take those perfect pictures without worrying about other people ruining your photographs. You will get all the instagrammable spots where you can take pictures and cherish them whenever you see them.

romantic mykonos view

The Best Cocktails

180⁰ Sunset Bar offers an extensive menu of cocktails and drinks, which are as exotic as the bar itself. The aromatic cocktails and drinks are sure to add on to your majestic experience of Mykonos. This bar specializes in using wildflowers along with fresh fruits in their cocktails. You cannot have only one drink as it is so hard to resist the goodness and uniqueness of their drinks. Having these gorgeous looking drinks with a panoramic view of Mykonos is nothing but bliss.

best mykonos cocktail bar

The Perfect Ambience

Music is the main element that makes or breaks the ambiance of a place. The 180⁰ Sunset Bar has the best of Mykonos DJs, who make sure that you enjoy every single bit of your time at this open sunset bar. You can groove to the music with your special one and make the most out of this splendid time at the 180⁰ Sunset Bar.

Wrapping it up

If you plan on going to Mykonos for a vacation, then make sure you visit the 180⁰ Sunset Bar. Your visit to Mykonos will be incomplete if you do not visit this bar, which is a part of the Mykonos Castle Panigirakis. Enjoy your hike up the hill and relish the beauty which surrounds you. You will be getting stellar views and the most exotic cocktails as a reward for all the effort you will make to reach the uphill open sunset bar. Make sure your phone and cameras are fully charged so that they don’t drain out while you take unlimited pictures of the splendour surrounding Mykonos. Don’t miss out on the 180⁰ Sunset Bar when you plan your exquisite holiday at Mykonos.