A mesmerising experience

Who wouldn’t want to sit in a lounge bar and enjoy the enchanting sunset? This is a place that you want to visit daily until it’s time to go back home. As the 180⁰ Sunset Bar is located on top of a hill, you get to experience sunsets in their full beauty.

Our venue has been designed and decorated elegantly, incorporating harmoniously the natural scenery. The setup is exceptionally chic and modish, adding up to your Mykonos experience.

Delicious Cocktails & Sophisticated Snacks

180⁰ Sunset Bar offers an extensive menu of cocktails, drinks and refined snacks, which are as exotic and unique as the bar itself. They are sure to add on to your majestic experience of Mykonos. Our bar specializes in using wildflowers along with fresh fruits in their cocktails. You cannot have only one drink as it is so hard to resist their goodness and uniqueness. Enjoying these gorgeous drinks with a panoramic view of Mykonos is nothing but bliss.

Groovy times

Music is the main element that makes or breaks the ambiance of a place. The 180⁰ Sunset Bar has the best of Mykonos DJs, who make sure that you enjoy every single bit of your time at this open sunset bar. You can groove to the music with your special one and make the most out of this splendid time at the 180⁰ Sunset Bar.